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Beginner-Intermediate • Low Impact • 12-Week Program

Low Impact Strength with Chontel

Get ready to take your strength to new heights without a single jump. Low Impact Strength is designed to build your strength at home or in the gym with minimal equipment, no matter what your starting point is. This program is perfect for women who are at the beginning of their fitness journey and want to try strength training, or those at an intermediate level who want to build their strength progressively without any jumping. It’s also a great option for you’re interested in trying Chontel’s more advanced programs or work towards heavier lifting, but want to build your foundational strength and fitness first.

Chontel TrainerProfile
Chontel Duncan

I’m Chontel Duncan, personal trainer and accredited sports nutritionist. My Sweat programs reflect the way I love to train, giving it 100% effort all the way, switching on everything in your body so you feel like a FIERCE warrior. 

  • Designed with beginners in mind

  • 12-week program

  • 3 workouts each week

  • 30-45 minute workouts

  • Train at home or in the gym

  • Kickstart your strength journey

Program Overview

Low Impact Strength includes three 30-45 minute workouts each week. These include:

  • Lower Body & Core

  • Full Body

  • Upper Body & Core

Each workout focuses on foundational strength exercises without any jumping to support your joints to be able to handle load and impact. The workouts incorporate supersets and circuits, as well as sections that focus on muscular endurance, strength and core. 

There are also weekly LISS (low-intensity steady state) cardio sessions that Chontel recommends completing on alternate days to your resistance sessions, plus an optional cardio HIIT session.  

To promote muscle recovery between workouts, there are two weekly mobility and stretching sessions (for upper and lower body), and full rest days.


What you’ll need

You can complete Chontel’s Low Impact Strength workouts at home using a few key pieces of equipment. If you need equipment or exercise alternatives, you can use the substitution features in the Sweat app or you can substitute the dumbbells for household items of similar weight, like bottles of water.

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Resistance Band

Short Resistance Band

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