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Beginner-Intermediate • Strength • 24+-Week Program

Ignite Strength with Britany

This program from Brit gives you simple yet effective strength workouts you can do in under 30 minutes with a few pieces of basic equipment. Designed for beginners and intermediates alike, Ignite Strength is perfect for anyone who loves Brit’s feel-good training style and is ready to take the next step in their fitness journey, or beginners who want to experience the benefits of strength training for the first time.

Britany TrainerProfile
Britany Williams

I’m Britany, a NASM certified personal trainer, HIIT and barre instructor from Portland, Oregon. I became Sweat’s first Barre instructor in 2019 and have a range of fun and challenging barre, strength and pregnancy programs you can choose from.

  • Designed for beginner to intermediate fitness levels

  • 24-week program

  • 4-5 workouts each week

  • 30-minute strength workouts

  • Feel confident training with weights

Program Overview

Brit is all about effective and efficient workouts that don’t involve much equipment or big chunks of time and that’s exactly what she had in mind when creating Ignite Strength with Brit. 

This 24-week program is perfect for training at home or in the gym with workouts you can complete in 30 minutes. It’s also split into four six-week training blocks, designed to help you progress. Structured around circuits, supersets and pyramid supersets, some of the workouts are time-based while others are rep-based. You’ll have a mixture of unilateral exercises designed to challenge your muscles, encourage progress and ensure you get the most out of your training with Brit. 

In the first two blocks (weeks 1-12), you’ll have the option to choose from four resistance sessions, three cardio sessions, plus a rest day. The resistance sessions are made up of a lower, upper and full-body workout, alongside a core and mobility session. 

In the third block (weeks 13-18), your weekly workouts increase from four to five and include two full-body sessions, and every new training block also includes different, more challenging exercises. Block 4 (weeks 19-24) continues with the same workout structure as Block 3, but with a higher intensity through increased reps, weight or time. There are also new advanced variations of exercises to keep you feeling challenged.

Your cardio sessions can be HIIT or low-intensity steady-state (LISS), and you can choose to do low-impact cardio such as walking, swimming or cycling during these sessions.

Brit says this program is all about increasing your strength and building a stronger foundation for a healthier and happier life - both during your workouts and outside of it. By the end, you’ll have a solid training routine in place, see improvements in your strength and feel more confident working out with weights.

Whether you’re strength training to benefit your muscles or your mind (or trying to find a weights program that suits your busy lifestyle!), Brit’s got you covered.


What you’ll need

Ignite Strength can be done in the comfort of your home or in the gym and you only need a few pieces of basic equipment to get started. If you don’t have dumbbells, substitute for two safe objects of the same weight, such as full water bottles or other household items. If you don’t have a suitable chair, you can use a stable, flat surface such as a bench, ottoman or step instead.

This is the desc for dumbells


Resistance Band

Short Resistance Band

Bench/Bench Alternative

Bench/Bench Alternative

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