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Beginner-Intermediate • Low Impact • 4-Week Program

The Daily 10 Challenge

Britany Williams’ The Daily 10 Challenge is a great way to build a consistent routine and make movement a feel-good part of your day-to-day life with low impact, full-body workouts that will take just 10 minutes to complete.

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Britany Williams

I’m Britany, a NASM certified personal trainer, HIIT and barre instructor from Portland, Oregon. I became Sweat’s first Barre instructor in 2019 and have a range of fun and challenging barre, strength and pregnancy programs you can choose from.

  • Beginner-friendly

  • 4-week challenge

  • Work out for just 10 minutes a day

  • Train anywhere

  • Make fitness part of your routine

Program Overview

The Daily 10 Challenge was designed by Britany Williams with beginners or busy schedules in mind to help kickstart your fitness and give you an achievable and enjoyable workout goal over four weeks. 

Your goal is to complete at least 10 minutes of exercise every day, made up of five 10-minute workouts and two cardio sessions each week. The workouts are time-based circuits made up of four to five low-impact exercises.

This is a great program to make movement part of your routine, no matter what your fitness level is, where you’re training or what equipment you have on hand!


What you’ll need

This challenge program can be completed at home with minimal space. All you’ll need to get started is an ottoman, but you can substitute this for a suitable chair.

Bench/Bench Alternative

Bench/Bench Alternative

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