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Beginner-Intermediate • Mindfulness Strength • 4-Week Program

Redefine Fitness: Strength & Mindfulness

Mindfulness meets movement in this unique guided program that will help you build your strength and create a more mindful relationship with exercise, with workouts that incorporate mindfulness exercises and supportive affirmations. With Kelsey guiding you through the whole workout, it’s like your own one-on-one training session!

Kelsey TrainerProfile
Kelsey Wells

I’m Kelsey Wells, creator of the PWR programs and Redefine Fitness. I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2016, am also certified in pre and postnatal fitness, and I want all women to feel self-acceptance and empowerment with my strength training programs.

  • Suitable for all fitness levels

  • 4-week program

  • 30-35 minute workouts

  • Mindfulness practices included in workouts

  • Follow-along style

Program Overview

Redefine Fitness is a four-week program suitable for all fitness levels - simply adjust the intensity of your training by changing your weights. Each week includes four 30-35 minute workouts in a follow-along format, with Kelsey coaching you through a combination of strength training and mindfulness practices, such as breathwork, affirmations and gratitude.

She’ll encourage you throughout each session while also giving you helpful tips. These workouts are all about building strength through time under tension, rather than reps, so the pace and intensity of your training is up to you.

The combination of mindfulness and strength training makes this program perfect for anyone seeking an introduction to mindfulness in a way that can be integrated into their fitness routine.

It’s also an achievable entry point for those starting their strength journey, wanting to improve their relationship with exercise, or those looking for a more intimate and guided workout experience with Kelsey. With minimal equipment required, these workouts are perfect no matter where you like to train.


What you’ll need

All you need to get started is a set of dumbbells. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can substitute them for safe household items of the same weight such as full water bottles.

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