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Beginner • Strength • 9-Week Program

Strength & Cardio

Perfect for beginners and those returning to fitness, this 9-week program from Marilyn Rodriguez will help you crush your goals with 20-25 minute workouts that can be completed at home with minimal equipment.

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Marilyn Rodriguez

I’m Marilyn Rodriguez, the trainer behind Sweat’s Strength & Cardio program. Fitness has transformed my life and I believe each day is an opportunity to be a better you! 

  • Beginner-friendly workouts

  • 2-3 workouts each week

  • 20-25 minute workouts

  • Minimal equipment

  • Blend of cardio and strength training

Program Overview

This dynamic, full-body program blends cardio with strength training so you can build your strength, make progress and feel accomplished. Using circuit training with time and rep-based workouts you can do anywhere, anytime, Marilyn designed Strength & Cardio to help you get more from your training with sessions that will take less than 25 minutes. 

To help you build your fitness and confidence with the training styles, there is one optional foundation week available, followed by eight weeks of programming. 

Each week, your workouts include:

  • 2 full-body workouts

  • 1 upper body workout (optional until week 5) 

Strength & Cardio also includes two low-intensity cardio sessions each week to improve your fitness and a stretching session to promote mobility, recovery and flexibility. 


What you’ll need

To get started with Strength & Cardio, all you need are a few key pieces of equipment. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can substitute them for safe household items of the same weight, such as milk cartons filled with sand or water.

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