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All Fitness Levels • Yoga • 24+-Week Program

Body And Mind

This yoga program from Sjana Elise is designed to increase your flexibility and strength through a series of Vinyasa flows. It’s suitable for all levels, whether you’re a beginner to yoga or a more experienced yogi looking for an at-home practice. BAM is designed to help you feel capable, grounded and calm.

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Sjana Elise

I’m Sjana Elise, the yoga teacher behind Sweat’s Body and Mind (BAM) program.

  • 28-week program

  • 4 optional foundation weeks

  • 3-4 yoga flows each week

  • 28-40 minute yoga sessions

  • Vinyasa style

Program Overview

This program begins with four optional foundation weeks, designed to introduce you to yoga and the Vinyasa style, which will challenge your body and help to increase flexibility while also assisting with muscle recovery, relaxation and strengthening your mind-body connection.

Throughout the foundation weeks and weeks 1-4 of the main program, you have three yoga sessions each week, which increases to four from week nine onwards. As you progress through your yoga journey, the focus areas expand and become more advanced.

In the foundation weeks and weeks 1-4, your weekly yoga flows include a Heart Opener, Hip Opener, and Hamstring Opener. Weeks 5-8 include a Hamstring Opener, Twists, and Core Cultivation. From week nine onwards, your weekly sessions increase from three to four and some new themes become part of your weekly schedule such as Fire Building, Toning and Inversions.

BAM also allows you to change the pace of the workout with flows to suit your level of experience. In the workout Settings, you can choose to automatically transition through the poses to complete the sequences based on Sjana’s recommended timing, with each session taking about 28 minutes including audio cues to signal each transition and ensure a smooth flow. 

If you want to go at your own pace, you can turn off the automatic transitions in the workout Settings. Using this option, you can progress to the next pose, or go back a pose at any time by pressing the arrows or swiping across your device’s screen. You can hold a pose for longer or to progress more quickly as you feel necessary. 

There are also low-intensity cardio sessions, recovery sessions and a rest day included in each week. For the active recovery workout, you can choose to complete 30 minutes of Yin yoga or foam rolling. Yin yoga is a series of gentle stretches that help your body and mind to relax, with each pose held for 30-180 seconds. There’s also a scheduled rest day each week.


What you’ll need

All you need to get started is a yoga mat! If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can substitute for a towel instead.

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