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Beginner • Yoga • 6-Week Program

Yoga with Phyllicia

Phyllicia’s yoga flows are suitable for yoga beginners or anyone looking to revisit the foundations of yoga to build strength and stability. Yoga with Phyllicia will teach you how to move with your breath through gentle and accessible yoga sequences. After every class, you’ll feel grounded, connected and strong.

Phyllicia TrainerProfile
Phyllicia Bonanno

I’m Phyllicia Bonanno, the yoga instructor behind Sweat’s Yoga with Phyllicia program. I believe fitness through yoga can align the mind and body. 

  • 6-week program

  • Optional foundation week

  • No yoga experience required

  • 3 yoga flows each week

  • 25-30 minute yoga flows

Program Overview

Yoga with Phyllicia starts with an optional foundation week to introduce you to her style of yoga before you start to explore more challenging yoga poses in the remaining five weeks. 

There are three yoga flows each week that range from 20-35 minutes, where Phyllicia will guide you through foundational movements of yoga, and teach you how to move with your breath throughout each sequence. Your weekly sessions include:

  • Full Body Class

  • Stretch & Balance

  • Dynamic Class

You’ll also have two optional low-intensity cardio sessions every week to help build your overall fitness.

If you’re after individual yoga sessions to complement your existing workout routine without having to change your Sweat program, Phyllicia also has yoga flows available On Demand, as well as Express options you can complete in less than 20 minutes.


What you’ll need

All you need to get started is a yoga mat! If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can substitute for a towel instead.

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Yoga Mat

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